Vita意为1拉丁文 :生命2、Doice Vita是意大利文,中文的意思是指“甜蜜的日子”......

Vita意为1拉丁文 :生命2、Doice Vita是意大利文,中文的意思是指“甜蜜的日子”......

Vita.Feeling the sweet & honey days. Tasting the coziness of the work & the heaviness of the life by listening to the music .
Expressing the feelings of personal work & cooperation under the free space.

With rapid development of modern office work, the ways of office work keeps innovating and the practicability of office space faces more challenges.Humanized office space and workplace which can improve working efficiency are more popular. Enterprise employees need a highly dynamic, free and mobile office system, in order to adapt to changing work ways and space requirements.New Vita partition comes into being, creating a new realm of practical office.

N个小方块、一个三维十字连接轴,立方体魔方(Rubik's Cube)看似简单却精巧的结构,蕴藏无限智慧力量。每一次拧动,都是一次精彩的重组过程。新维塔屏风的设计,利用立方体魔方的构造特征—可随意变动又能保持稳固,同时运用专门研发的插件、立柱,实现多种型态的组合、延伸,创造丰富多变的办公空间:工作站、洽谈区、小型会议区、主管位……



New Vita partition is natural and simple with clean-cut and clear line and accurate structure, easily realizing various connections such as isometry, drop height, thickness and thinness and 120-degree assembly so as to construct diversified office space. Fine accessories such as insert, corner slot and mullion slot are utilized to enable partition assembly to be more precise and steady with easy installation or disassembly


New Vita partition 60 types of double-seat front desks are featured by a square and simple style. Simple and natural appearance in pure color reveals a kind of tranquil beauty. Design of front-end glass holder and lateral glass surface is fashionable and elegant with great originality. Routing is simple and convenient. It can be easily connected with circuit for the convenience of interior working and communication.


Partitions with the combination of drop height shape well-proportioned appearance and divide relatively private space. Staff can also make interaction and communication over low partition.Wall cupboard and others can be hung up on high partition can suspend to enlarge storage space for the convenience of taking in personal belongings, which allows office space to look brighter and neater.


Cassette-type working condition makes people feel lonely, which cannot be neglected by us. New Vita partition can reasonably allocatearea and space, creating relaxation and negotiation areanearby working position through the combination of thickness and thinness.

People can take a rest in leisure time and also interact and communicate with co-workers without interrupting others.


New Vita partition builds connective working area and small-size negotiation space by effective utilization of space so as to rapidly convert work pattern for more efficient communication. Through New Vita partition, all kinds of work spaces can be designed effectively.



New Vita partition Series can be equipped with folding beds in a concise design to save space with its stretching space easy to unfold and shrink. Comfortable quality allows staff to have sufficient rest and bring warmer atmosphere into office environment.





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